Archive Journal is a cross-disciplinary
magazine published twice a year.
It features letters, essays, interviews
and transcripts focused on architecture,
politics and contemporary art.

Archive is a platform for artistic and cultural research, debate and self-education. Archive has no formal structure: its members (designers, interns!, editors, artists, translators) practice no division of labor beyond the division of competences, no division of space beyond what is required by its use. Archive thus generates shifting and manifold assemblages of individuals – things – groups – exchanges. The stages of its productive cycle (the production of signs) are immediately evident in their social dimension: ‘creation always comes from father away than its authors.’How do these assemblages come together? The various movements of Archive’s activities are strenghtened by their composing a network or a flow:
Archive Books & Journal see to the publication and distribution of research and materials. Archive Appendix is a design office investigating different modes of enunciation, interpreting design as a contraction of memory and attention. Archive Kabinett is where we meet and can be found; here our books can be read or bought. With our program of events we work on the conditions of enunciation and reception without assuming they can ever really be told apart.
Dieffenbachstraße 31. 10967 Berlin, Germany

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Archive Journal Issue #0
Edited by Chiara Figone, Paolo Caffoni,
Adam Carr, Markus Miessen & Elena Volpato  Multilingual text
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