A B O U T   T H E   H O R S   S É R I E S


Republications is the first
volume of Archive Journal’s
hors-séries. Each issue of the
series is commissioned to
authors whose research is
close to the editorial line of
the journal. For the inaugural
issue Archive’s editors have
invited French curators and
art critics Virginie Bobin and
Mathilde Villeneuve.

Taking as a starting point
the notion of ‘republication’,
the contents of this volume
have been compiled through
a collective process over the
course of multiple editorial
meetings in Berlin,
Aubervilliers and Paris
between 2011 and 2012.    

The editors have invited to
contribute practitioners and
artists such as:

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc,
Lene Berg, Pauline Boudry &
Renate Lorenz, Christophe
Bruno, Foundland, Jeff
Guess, Alexis Guillier, Rémy
Héritier, franck leibovici,
Sohrab Mohebbi, Julien
Prévieux, Sally Price, Anna
Théodoridès, Vassilis Salpistis
& Marie Voignier

A B O U T   T H E   J O U R N A L

Archive Journal owes its name
to archives and its contents are
structured around the same
principle that generates an
archive, the formation of links
established between a collection
of records. The concept of the
archive is central to the journal’s
concerns, particularly regarding
the relations between various
documentary forms and the
politics of memory. In an archive
the meaning of a document is
always up for grabs, as its past
uses coexist with future
possibilities. What is open for
renegotiation is the relation
between a document’s past and
its present meanings, its present
forms of circulation and uses.
Archive Journal seeks links in
space and time and is as
interested in what is not there as
what is, the documentation as
well as the absence of evidence.

Archive Journal and the volume
Republications are supported by
the CNAP — Centre national des
arts plastiques (aide à l’édition)

Excerpt from the
editors’ essay in

Art, like all fields of thought, is
buttressed by the real. Many
artists tap into the public
domain to turn its available
mass of information into the
material for their work. Artists
choose to take this material,
more or less known, often
previously circulated, and
suspend it for a time before they
re-communicate it in a different
way. Working from within a
system of accelerated
circulation of information –
where data, stories and images
cross borders (geographic and
disciplinary) like rumors that
expand and contract in function
of their sites of emergence, are
confirmed or infirmed
depending on their relaters –
the artist carves out a new
potential mediatisation. From
simple slippages of context to
transformative operations that
act on the objects themselves,
each artist adopts specific
methods of representation.

The first time we invited the
collaborators of this book to
meet in Paris in December 2011
to initiate a discussion around
the notion of ‘republication’, we
asked them to bring an object –
a book, a story, a thing – which
could nourish a collective
reflection on an action that we
designated as ‘making public
again’. Looking beyond the
printed format that is initially
evoked by the term
‘republication’, we wished to
gather, articulate and analyse
artistic gestures based on the
re-circulation of forgotten,
invisible, vanished or censured
objects as a means to produce
new significations. And yet, we
– the editors – chose two
printed books as a contribution
to our own game.
D E C E M B E R   2 0 1 5
Archive is a platform for cultural research and debate. It brings
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non-hierarchal structure with the aim to foster a unique space
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as journals focusing on contemporary cultural production.
Located in Berlin, Archive Kabinett is both a library and a
bookshop showcasing a selected range of printed matters, and
simultaneously a space for lectures, screenings and exhibitions.
Archive Journal is a biannual cross-disciplinary journal. As its name
suggests, it is primarily concerned with the notion of documentation
but also with contemporary uses of translation and recirculation.
Archive Appendix is the design department that brings a conceptual
approach to the relation between text and image.

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Cognitive Capitalism:
Part Three. Edited by
Warren Neidich

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Edited by
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B O O K   F A I R
The cover and the first pages of each volume of the hors-séries and the
journal itself are designed to include excerpts from each contributions
functioning as multiple points of entrance into the contents:
Republications is part of a larger
project of exchange between
Paris and Berlin based cultural
producers conceived to work
collectively to develop more
issues of the journal and its
hors-séries. The project is made
possible by the support of
Perspektive – Fonds für
Zeitgenössische Kunst &
Architektur / Fonds pour l’art
contemporain & l’architecture.

A series of meetings took place in
Berlin and Paris starting in May
2015. These editorial meetings
picked up on some of the
questions that have been taken
under considerations in the
production of the contents of the
Republications, question
such as: How do we pass from
the first occurrence of something
to subsequent occurrences?
From a given context of visibility,
publication and communication
to another context? How to
address the issue of modes of
circulation and the degree of
repetition of information, as well
as its relation to power (who
seeks to disseminate and why?).   
A single publication cannot
resolve all of these questions but
rather defining some answers.
Republications and the next
issue that will be entitled
Circulation are conceived as a 
toolbox for investigating these
questions further.
Edited by Mathilde Villeneuve
and Virginie Bobin

English / French
Softcover, 17 × 24 cm
480 pages, colours
1000 Copies

ISBN 978-3-943620-06-1
€ 18.00